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BROKEN PROMISE 2017sml.jpg


Victorian historical romance


Captain Austin Landwell lives with nightmares that torture him every day. So, when he’s given the chance to redeem himself and make the family he destroyed whole again, nothing will stand in his way except...his love for a woman who has the power to breathe life back into a heart he thought was dead.


Sarah Bentley is determined to honor the promise she made her dying mistress--to protect her babe from a man who wants the child dead. But when Captain Landwell discovers her hideaway, her loyalty now becomes strangely divided between the child entrusted to her and the man who has captured her heart. She must make a tortured decision that not only might put the child in danger, but threatens to destroy her heart as well.


All that stands between eternal love and two broken hearts is one broken promise.



Released 2011


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