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Mack Wallace grew up listening to the heroic tales of the men who were part of the legendary group known as London’s Bow Street Runners. Influenced by their valor and professionalism, he joined the investigators at Scotland Yard and worked under their system of police enforcement for several years. Eventually, he saw several advantages to striking out on his own to provide private services for anyone who needed his help. 
And the Bedford Street Brigade was born.
Case after case won him notice by a city with too many unsolved crimes, but it was when Mack agreed to guard the famed Koh-i-Noor Diamond during The Great Exhibition of 1851 that he sealed his destiny as a force to protect and defend his beloved city.
Mack and Cora’s story unfolded in the Amazon StoryFront novella WHERE THE LADY BELONGS. It can be found on
Here, in the pages of LOVE UNBIDDEN, are the stories of the men of his elite brigade…men who carried his mission from the darkest back alleys of London to the most elegant and aristocratic halls of betrayal. These are the men of the Bedford Street Brigade…and the women who were not afraid to love them.

Love Unbidden

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