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In this boxed set, four exceptional women tangle with four stubborn men to bring you four great loves in four riveting reads! 

Tangled boxed set

  • TANGLED: Four full-length novels of passion and redemption by USA Today, Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestselling authors. In each story, each of these women had the courage to face her fears and build a life nobody thought possible. And in each story, a man gained her trust and nearly tore her dream to shreds. Yet out of the wreckage came a love each woman thought she'd never know.

    MORE THAN WILLING by Laura Landon. Lady Margaret Bradford believes she must save the family brewery her father nearly destroyed, not knowing that he’d already lost it to the Earl of Camden in a card game the night he died. Now the brewery belongs to the earl’s second son, Grayson Delaney, a man who, in his own eyes, is beyond redemption. But working incognito in the brewery gives Grayson a new respect for good, hard labor. And a startling passion for a woman he should never have tangled with.

    HANNAH’S VOW by Pam Crooks. Hannah grew up on the wrong side of the law, daughter of a master thief and student to his trade. But when he died at the hands of an angry mob, she fled to a monastery to escape the world and her sins. Quinn was betrayed by his brother and sentenced to a life in prison. Only the thirst for revenge kept him alive, revenge and the belief that one day he would escape. When Quinn’s path becomes entangled with Hannah’s, the two discover they must run for their lives to survive their pasts. And in the journey, they find truth . . . and an unlikely love.

    SAINT OR SINNER by Cheryl St. John. In this heartwarming tale of hope and redemption, Joshua McBride returns from the war a changed man, ready to put down roots and plant his feet in the community. Prim and uptight Miss Adelaide Stapleton, leader of the Dorcas Society, doesn’t believe he’s changed─people are never what they seem. But she has plenty of secrets of her own─among them
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