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Reading Glasses


Pince-Nez style

Slim armless reading glasses

These are great little eyeglasses that come in five different strengths. They have a small, flat case that can attach to the back of your phone. I won't go anywhere without them! 

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses - 2 Pairs


Compact Case Included Semi Rimless Readers

These are so thin and lightweight. Won't weigh your purse down!


Pince-Nez style

Slim armless reading glasses

Here's another style of thin pince-nez-style eyeglasses.


My publisher's husband says these are superb and stay on his nose just great! 

Gamma Ray Women's Fashion

Reading Glasses

3-pair pack

You know, sometimes a funky look is just what a girl needs!


Kindle PaperWhite

Lightweight and so easy to hold. Adjustable front light lets me read comfortably indoors and outdoors, day and night.


And this little guy fits right into my purse!

Waterproof Kindle PaperWhite with twice the storage space.

Lots of books you want to keep downloaded on your Kindle? Try this one with double the storage.

And yes, it's okay to want oodles of books at your fingertips!

Tea Cups

Beautiful Teacup, Spoon and Saucer

Now really, don't you deserve a beautiful teacup?

Beautiful Royal Albert

Old Country Roses

Teacup and Saucer

It's so Victorian that I just had to have it!


Retirement Tee

Let everyone know that for you, retirement means you get to do nothing but READ. They'll be sooooo envious!

Victorian Neck Piece
and Earrings

I think I was born in the wrong era. I love Victorian clothing and accessories!

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