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Off to Manhattan...

Oh me oh my oh apple pie! I'm going to New York! Some of you may wonder why that seems so very thrilling to me, so just by way of reminder I will mention that I do happen to live in Nebraska. That should explain an exclamation point or two. I'll be in Manhattan next week, surrounded by hundreds of authors...some pros and some novices, but all as eager to soak up "writer talk" as I am.

My publicist made up new cards for me to take along so I can encourage everyone I meet to "linger in the pages of a great love story". At first I thought the card was kind of large. Then I turned it over and me oh my oh apple pie, I saw why it was bigger than my old cards have been. It takes a bit of space to display 19 book covers in a size that you can actually read the book titles! Oh me oh my...19 books. Since 2010. God is good!

Of course, book #18 CAST IN RUIN is coming out in a couple of weeks, and book #19 CAST IN DEATH will be out in August, but I'm claiming them already!

If I don't get a chance to write you from New York, just stay tuned. I'll tell you my top 5 favorite things about the conference when I get back. 'Til then, keep reading!!



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