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Christmas Hop Happiness

My Dearest Readers, I can't tell you how much fun it was watching your names pop up on my Christmas Hop contest entry page. I'm delighted to announce that Peggy Collins is the lucky winner of the ebook CAST IN SCANDAL series boxed set! Congratulations, Peggy!

I hope you all had fun hopping around to the twelve author sites and collecting the names of our heroes. What an incredible group of fellows they are, too!


There's so much going on in my writing life that I just have to share! DECEPTION IN EMERALDS is just now finished and I can't wait for you to read it. You've been waiting awhile for Barnaby's story, which is Book Four in my RANSOMED JEWELS series, and he's finally going to be ready to pay you a visit mid-January. So keep a watch out for my announcement that Barnaby has gone live!

Also....I have a new AUDIBLE book out. It's available at and here's a tip: if you have never downloaded an audible book before, you might want to try it now, because if it's your first ever visit to, you can choose CAST IN SHADOWS and get it FREE! Check it out, my dears! I asked my lovely friend Rosalyn Landor (she's a British actress you may have seen in films like Camelot where she played the role of Guenevere) to narrate and she has truly captured the essences of Gideon and Eve.

As Christmas approaches I cannot help but tell you how full my heart is. You have made my life the living reality of a dream I'd had for years...that people would one day read my stories. And now you are! And the immense gratitude I feel for your loyalty knows no bounds. You are the best readers an author could want and I do love you all!

Now Merry Christmas to you, and let me leave you with this one thought:

May the Magic of Christmas Make its Home in Your Heart All Year.



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