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The Devil's Gift

My dear readers, we have finally seen a break in our blistering hot weather this week. It's such a relief! I'll be writing on my beautiful lanai today where I always feel so inspired.

What will I be writing, you ask? Well, you'll be pleased to learn that I've finished all four of the TRAITORS CLUB books, and Kindle Press will be releasing Hugh's story very soon! Then comes Jeb's very daring tale that will be published in November, and Caleb's in December. I can't wait for you to meet all four of my traitors!

Then, of course, I've just finished writing my Nutcracker tale, but I'm not going to give away a single detail on that just yet. Except to tell you that it might have something to do with Uncle Drosselmeyer. Ooops! I just can't help myself, can I?

But there are other inspirations in my life, too. You see, My newest novel, THE DEVIL'S GIFT, has been out in the world spreading its wings for 30 days now, and oh, it's seen so much of the world already! Today is only the 3rd of August and so far this month Amazon reports that almost 50,000 pages of THE DEVIL'S GIFT have been read. That would be in two days, since it's just early morning as I'm writing this. But my heart nearly burst when I saw that over a half million pages of THE DEVIL'S GIFT were read in JULY!! 514,000 pages were turned in just the month of July alone. Absolutely stunning! So thank you, my friends! I do believe THE DEVIL'S GIFT is going to take August by storm!

Which means, I'd better write up a storm, too! So bye for now. I'm carrying my tea out to the lanai as we speak. You see, I have a date with a hero you are not going to believe and I shan't keep him waiting!.



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