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Historics, hysterics, histrionics! Oh my!

My dear, dear readers, I've just returned from the most incredible six days at the 2nd Annual Historical Romance Retreat in Spokane. Those of you who attended know that time spent in the beautiful Historic Davenport Hotel is truly a moment drawn back in time. It was enchanting in every aspect!

Of course, getting there and getting home was an entirely different matter...challenged at every turn with flight delays and cancellations. (Hence the histrionics!)

Imagine 200 authors and readers all garbed in period fashion and you will know why the week was so very special to me, a lover of Regency and Victorian history.

Meeting authors with whom I've only communicated electronically was the thrill of a lifetime for this author. But meeting readers? Pure bliss! Hearing how my stories take you away from everyday trials was music to my ears!

Now, I know that you all will be surprised when I reveal another talent I've been harboring. You see, we authors at HRR were privileged to host an evening of casino games and yes, you've guessed it by now. That's a mask...dealing Gluckshaus!

But evening didn't hold a monopoly on all the fun. Oh, no. Our morning session teaching readers the art of making perfume by mixing essential oils with vodka (yes, vodka!) gave us an opportunity to witness the marvelous inventiveness of our readers. I dare say the room stayed fragrant through the remainder of the retreat!

I promise to give you more photos from the retreat as time passes, but for now know that those of you who were unable to attend were sorely missed. And those who attended gave me memories to fill my heart for a lifetime.

So bless you all, and think about joining us next year at the historic Mission Hotel in Riverside, California! Just to be prepared, you might even think of including a period bathing costume in your wardrobe!

Of course, costume is not at all required. Just an eagerness to rub shoulders with authors and readers is all one needs to attend this annual retreat.

Visit for more information that will be posted soon.

In my next blog I'll tell you all about Low Tea and more!

Until then, keep reading,


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