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Rone Award finalist...

My dear readers, I just got the best news that will help me recover happily from my recent knee surgery. It seems that THE DEVIL'S GIFT has been nominated by readers for an inD'tale Rone Award. You have my love and gratitude for your support! Now I must be diligent with my rehab so I can attend the October inD'tale conference and claim the prize (should I be so fortunate as to win it)! My therapist insists that I shall not be able to wear my stilettos to the award dinner. But who knows! I might just surprise him!

In other news I might remind you that Amazon has placed a number of my books on special pricing for the month of June. Many are $1.99 and some even 99 cents.

My newest series Rich Man | Poor Man | Beggar Man | Thief has just made its debut with book one, RICH MAN. I was amazed how quickly I was able to write that story, and Blake and Willow still linger in my mind. What a perfect couple they are, and so brave to breach the gap between ton and trade.

Book two is now in progress, stuttering a bit as I deal with the knee. This is my second knee in less than ten months. But this, too, shall pass, and I have a wonderful new hero to distract me. I'll tell you more about him very soon, but I shall tell you that while he is definitely a POOR MAN, he is by no means poor in heart and spirit!

You all have my best wishes for a joyful summer. And by all means, keep reading!



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