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Scottish historical romance


1494 Scotland

Màiri MacBride had one desire—to escape to a convent and hide her gift from the world that would rather see her dead than exercising her second sight. It wasn’t as if she could see events that would happen in the future. Her gift was much simpler than that. With a look or a touch, she could detect evil intent and deception. And for that, even her father wanted her dead.


So when Ian MacAlister is found mortally wounded near her hideaway, Màiri and her guardian tend his injuries and nurse him back to health. Blinded by his wounds, the laird of the clan MacAlister doesn’t know he is being tended by the very woman he’s been sent to find.


Once his vision is restored, Ian takes Màiri into his life, introduces her to a world that accepts her as the laird’s wife, a world vastly different from the isolation her father had forced upon her from the day she was born. She loves and is loved, cherishes each day as mistress of the keep. Each day, that is, until the laird’s jealous brother discovers the one thing she’s been hiding. Her gift.


Released 2014

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