Betrayed by the Beggar Man

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Starvation, filth, and killing poverty were the vile realities of his childhood until Liam MacGregor escaped London's Whitechapel hell for good. His success in the real world had only begun to erase his nightmare when his heart discovered the beautiful Lady Millicent. He would do anything for this woman he was swiftly learning to love, except the one thing she asked of him. He would go anywhere she wished him to, except the one place she begged him to go. Because no one could be so lucky to escape Whitechapel twice and live to tell about it.

Bewitched by the Poor Man

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The day Quinten Marvell became the Duke of Somerset should have been the most exhilarating day of his life. Instead, it was the day he inherited nothing but a pile of outstanding debts. Yet, there was one thing he was certain his father couldn’t squander, a place gifted to his mother, and then to him. Determined to recover the entire Somerset legacy, Quinn flees to the only home left to him, Lindenwood Manor, and discovers it to be the crowning loss in his father’s long list of failures. Now the most direct path to recovery lies in the heart of his beautiful and wealthy neighbor, Miss Alice Moore. Knowing that marriage would sentence this lovely, scarred woman to a lifetime of being snubbed as a commoner, will he sacrifice her to save himself from a life of poverty?

Beware the Rich Man

Wealthy entrepreneur Blake Edison finds his quest for revenge suddenly thwarted by a beautiful daughter of the ton who not only steals his heart, but nearly ruins them both. Now not even her own entrepreneurial spirit can save them. Or the company they've started that will label her a bluestocking.

A self-made man set on revenge and a beautiful heiress, stunned by the magnetism that neither wants to acknowledge, attempt to bridge the gulf between tradesman and nobility. Without ruining each other.
Wealthy importer Blake Edison will stop at nothing to destroy the Duke of Somerset—the man who should have saved Edison’s mother from starving in the streets and didn’t. But can he fulfill his diabolical mission without losing Willow? That is, without losing Lady Willow Gilchrist, the gifted beauty who is about to become the Duke’s daughter-in-law?

A Voice on the Wind

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Ginny Wattersfield was going mad, just like her mother had. For days now she’d been hearing a voice. A voice from a grave. A voice that couldn’t possibly be speaking to her. Begging her. Crying for her to find the man who had taken the young woman’s life. Before he killed again.

Inspector William de Wolfe wanted to believe the beautiful young woman who said she’d heard a voice in the graveyard. Because for the first time in a year it might give him a clue that could breathe life into a trail that had gone cold. But what should he trust...his head or his heart?Add Description here


Deception, murder, romance...


Jackson Rafferty, second son of the eleventh Earl of Devlin, held his dying brother in his arms and swore he’d avenge his murder. That pact made in blood led him to the back halls of Kingston Manor and the woman who would stand between him and pursuing the man Jack knew had killed his brother.

Miss Jenevieve Kingston has a secret. Keeping it is the only thing keeping her father alive. When a rogue by the name of Jack Dawson comes dangerously close to spoiling everything, Jenna forces him from her home. But not before he has worked his way into her heart.

Now he’s back, proving he is not who she thought he was. But how can she trust him after weeks of deception?


Four rare fellows, charming, brave, devil-may-care and not meant for marriage. At least, so they thought.


Victorian Romance


Book Four: Ransomed Jewels


BARNABY LINSCOTT, under orders from the Crown, must apprehend or kill one of England’s most elusive villains. The means to accomplish his mission are anything but clear, but his mind is resolved. The man has already murdered three government agents, and Barnaby vows he will not be the fourth, though he has little to lose. That is, until he meets the partner assigned to carry out his deadly mission.

LADY MILLICENT CHANDLER has lost everything. Her beautiful Cliffside Manor has been burned, her parents, her brother Thomas, and her sister Polly all murdered. When her trusted servants bring her their suspicions that her handsome neighbor is directly involved, she knows exactly what she’ll do. She will accept his proposal of marriage. And take her revenge.Add Description here


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