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Victorian historical romance


BENJAMIN WAVERLEY, second son of the Duke of Townsend, knew he’d never marry. How could he? The moment some unsuspecting female took his name, the world might find out the despicable secret his family had been keeping and he’d be ruined. As far as he was concerned, his lot was cast. He would play the rake and that would be that. Until his father forced his hand in a marriage he knew would destroy not only him but his brilliant and beautiful bride. 

LADY RACHAEL NEWTON, daughter of the Earl of Kendrick, refused Benjamin Waverley’s proposal not once but twice. He’d never have offered for her hand if he’d known the secret she kept from the entire world. Even her parents didn’t know. Her weakness had ruined her once, but if her greater secret were found out her entire family would themselves suffer ruin. She wouldn’t have it. But then, the matter wasn’t hers to decide. 

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