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Autumns Wild Heart med.jpg

Autumn's Wild Heart

Victorian historical romance


Book Four in Laura Landon’s
Two-Hour-Read series SEASONS

She was invisible to him, until her loving betrayal opened his eyes…and his heart.


One plus-sized wallflower plus one dashing bachelor equals one compromising situation. Can a marriage destined for loneliness become a match made in heaven?

The fact that the eldest daughter of the Earl of Shelton is no match for the dashing Earl of Danvers does not mean she can't fall hopelessly in love with him. But love from afar is enough for Lady Petronella Westerly. When she discovers a plot to trick him into a compromising situation, Nella's heart tells her only one thing—she must save him.

But while she is in the act of saving him from his cruel destiny, fate trips her up—literally—sending her tumbling to the bedroom floor and into the arms of her secret love.

Now her predicament is even worse. How in the world is she to save the young earl from an even worse fate? Marriage to her!


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