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Willowbrook Series

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Men of Valor series

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two-hour READS series


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2018-2019 SERIES   Rich Man | Poor Man | Beggar Man | Thief
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Finalist for the 2018 Rone Award

Full length Victorian Romance novel


Romance, deception, murder...


Jackson Rafferty, second son of the eleventh Earl of Devlin, held his dying brother in his arms and swore he’d avenge his murder. That pact made in blood led him to the back halls of Kingston Manor and the woman who would stand between him and pursuing the man Jack knew had killed his brother.

Miss Jenevieve Kingston has a secret. Keeping it is the only thing keeping her father alive. When a rogue by the name of Jack Dawson comes dangerously close to spoiling everything, Jenna forces him from her home. But not before he has worked his way into her heart.

Now he’s back, proving he is not who she thought he was.

But how can she trust him after weeks of deception?

The Devil's Gift

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novella series

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LADY AMANDA RADBURN was the most outspoken, opinionated, impertinent, and irritating woman the DUKE OF HADLEIGH had ever met. She delighted in insulting him, and arguing over the most insignificant matters. Yet when helping her was the only way he could restore a world that included a sister he loved but had driven away with his dominating ways, he realized he had stepped into a dark world of danger and intrigue. Now he is in peril of not only losing his own life, but the life of the woman he realizes he has come to love. Regretting his unguarded words that forced her to close her heart to him, he pursues her into a future that has turned dangerously dark.

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