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Off to Burbank!

My dear readers, you know how excited I am that THE DEVIL'S GIFT is a finalist in the 2018 Rone Awards, so you'll know how hard it is not to be there this weekend when the winner is announced. The sheer pleasure of rubbing shoulders with authors and readers is something that never ceases to inspire me, so I will have to take my inspiration via cyberspace this year. You see, I'm just not able to attend myself. Oh, these knees! Two knee replacements in ten months has really impacted my travel this year! Sigh!

But here's the good news. I will be present at InDscribe Con in Burbank Saturday October 6 at the Burbank Airport Marriott, just not physically. So if you're planning to attend the conference and will be looking for me at the book exhibition, just look for my poster and you'll find my books! I'll have a table complete with author "swag" for you, so do look "me" up!

'Til then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, and here's me at the Great Book Exhibition in Riverside last month. What fun to sign books in Victorian costume!



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