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Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Do you love scavenger hunts? Hallee Bridgeman has set up a great Christmas hunt and all you have to do is fill in a clue that you discover in the Amazon "Look Inside" preview of my Christmas story ONE MYSTICAL MOMENT. Then, do the same for the other authors to be eligible for great prizes: $300 for first place, $150 for second place, and $75 for third place.

You can make it YOUR mystical moment when you win the prize, so think about joining the fun and start your hunt as you fill out the list of clues. You have until midnight December 16th to find them all. And what a great reading list you'll have when you're done!

Here's the question from ONE MYSTICAL MOMENT:

What song presented a breathtaking moment for Tillie on Christmas Eve?

2. Go to the Scavenger Hunt List and fill in your answer. (I'm Author #25.)

3. Look on the list for the next book, which is Christina Sinisi's CHRISTMAS CONFUSION

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Good luck to you!!

The next author on the list is Christina Sinisi whose book is CHRISTMAS CONFUSION. You'll find her blog post here.

Scavenger hunt closes at midnight on December 16th

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